welcome to a real girl!

Everyone, at one point or another, has been put down and made to feel insecure. The important thing to do when this happens, is to rise above and regain your confidence and recognize your self-worth. That is what A Real Girl is about. 

Anna and Liza started this blog when Liza began suffering from some bullying at school. It's ridiculous right? 11 year old girls putting down other 11 year old girls? Bullying is the force that needs to be put down.

So what we are asking is very simple, join our community, spread our message, and share your story. You never know who else is going through what you went through, and how much you can help them.

So follow along, read our stories, write stories, get some inspiration in empowerment, style, health and more. 

Show us what being a real girl means.

xo Anna and Liza